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Latest goblets

I don't often share what I make on here as there are so many other talented people on the forum but thought I'd put these up anyway. I am in the process of building up my stock ready for shows and these goblets are the first of about a dozen I am in the process of making. Full spec and costs can be found in my shop.


Walnut and maple with amazonite cabochons

Amber oak

wenge and maple


Thank you JetteJette. Appreciated.

Nell Merionwen

*sigh* So beautiful! I love your goodies. Whch reminds me, I need a new hair stick. Some bugger in college has gotten lucky with mine. I am assuming it was lost and not taken. I last saw it in my pencil case and it had been admired by many.
Mistress Rose

Personally I am not so keen on the one with cabochons, but that is all a matter of taste. The others look lovely. Your goblets really are nice Bodrighy.

Thank you. Surprised you aren't so keen on the one with cabochons M. Rose. That's the one that seems to be getting the better reviews.

Nell, do you want me to PM you some photos of the hair sticks I have in stock at the moment? I have some with attachments ans some plain ones.

wellington womble

I don't see why she should have all the fun. Put them on here so we can all have a look!

OK, I'll get some photos done later.

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