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There is a lavender bush here, which to my mind looks pug-ugly: a big mass of dead-looking sprawling branches, and then a load of healthy growth at the ends.
The first two guides I've found on a web-search completely contradict each other: one says cut it back hard in August and the other says that if you cut back to the wood, then it will probably die...

I wondered about layering it: get it to root nearer the ends where it is healthy, then cut out the middle. If it were up to me, I'd just get brutal on it and see what happens, but it isn't so I thought I'd best do a bit of research first...

I've not done it with lavender but works a treat with heathers.
'Irishmans cuttings'. Dig up the plant, make the hole deeper, replant with just the healthy tips showing.
They should all root & you can either leave in situ to form a more compact & dense shrub or lift again & divide.

my lavender is old and a one strand straggle but the green cuttings from last spring are 12 out of 15 healthy

nurse the old one and clone it next spring imho
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