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lead strips off windows

I have recently peeled lead strips that were stuck on windows by previous owner of our house - the sort that are stuck on in a criss-cross pattern to look like old, leaded windows. Have hated them for 3 years - felt like looking at prison bars and all wrong date for the house - finally cracked!

My name is mud now - not because partner liked the look of them - but because while I was out for the day today he took it upon himself to try and get off all the sticky bits left behind - hugely difficult.

My questions are:

(1) is there any possible use / re-use for the strips of lead I've peeled off?

(2) has anyone any suggestions for method / substance that might make it easier to get off the gluey residue left on the windows?

Any solvent should do it.
petrol, white spirit, nail varnish remover etc.

Melt them down for weights?

Are they lead or some alloy?

it comes off easily enough with a solvent, but you'll always be able to see the 'ghost' of it whenever the glass gets steamed up Confused

Can you use the sticky bits to apply the lead bits to a nearby church roof for the scallies?
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