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LED bulb reccomendations?

we are planning to go from assorted low energy (and a few not so low energy mini spots) asap as the "great extinction" seems to have started again to all LED .

if needs be i can swap bulb holders for suitable ones on most but probably need to the gu 23 mini bayonet ones in the multi spot units for the kitchen/ bathroom (we only use one bulb butb at the mo but 3 lower output ones might work well)

any of you folk that are using them could you please give any tips/avoids and hints re ,types, makes etc etc .?

most of the online reviews are saying lumens per watt, colour choice and price per lifespan are the important things but only seem to cover a few makes or types each so real world knowledge would be appreciated . ta in advance.
wellington womble

Much as I would like to love them, I loathe LED bulbs. They do last longer, which is great, but the light quality is awful. Like those dreadful fluorescent light tubes in offices. It's better than it used to be, but it's still awful. It makes my eyes ache.

Not helpful. Sorry.
Mistress Rose

I didn't used to like them, but we have a few and have found the new ones pretty good. They are a lot brighter than the low energy bulbs, which I find useful, but the light seems to drop off faster away from the direct area.

Since they last a long time, and are still developing rapidly, its probably going to be hard to get up to date recommendations.
Maybe go somewhere like TLC where they usually have the bulbs on show.

New LEDs are pretty good now - even the big 75/100watt replacements for middle of the room lights. On average you are going to use 1/10th of the leccy too (just switching them on makes you feel good!).

I'd go to your nearest electrical trade supplier - the stuff they sell has to meet all the various regs and they should swap/refund any faulty bulbs. They should have a good range of colours ('warm white', etc.) shapes and wattages. Keep the box and receipt and see if they live up to the alleged life span.

I've never liked the MR16 12v (thin pin) types and of course they have to have a transformer too. In my days as an electrician I often found the transformer was damaged (mostly by heat) and wonder why more fires weren't started. You can get MR16 12v LED replacements but you sometimes need to change the transformer too.
If you have halogen MR16 downlights you can keep the main fitting but take out the transformer (usually its on a short lead from the fitting) and replace the MR16 socket with a GU10 socket (about 1 each). Then you can use the much more widely available GU10 LEDs with no need for a transformer.

We're 100% LED in our house and they're pretty good now, integrated lamps are usually better than the GU10 types for downlights but yeah in general they're good now.

Megaman and Phillips are both good brands for lamps of all fittings, Megaman also have a very good integrated downlight:

thanks folks i will let you know how i get on .

i recon first thing is to go to a local electrical supplier and see a few working.

as mentioned they last a long time so getting it right to start with makes sense.

"In my days as an electrician I often found the transformer was damaged (mostly by heat) and wonder why more fires weren't started"

around 1990 ish the spark who subbied to me also worked for the grovesnor estate, he told me about a transformer /halogen job he had had to fix.

british museum , quite a few 12v halogen spots in a line, installed by a muppet using 1.5 twe rather than nice, big, fat cables that could handle a high current as nature (and regs) intended.(fat wires avoid that issue)
fortunately it only smoked the glass of some display cases in the shop rather than torched a larger, more flammable, less replaceable bit of a world quality museum .

transformers in small voids are always an overheating risk ,i dont like them at all. some halogen fittings can be a bit moody as well, especially if in the wrong type of position or mounted in the wrong sort of materials.
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