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Legal gubbins

OK so I'll be selling other peoples things as well as my own: fibre, yarn, spindles, buttons, garments, patterns &c &c &c. I'll be selling from home over the net and at shows.

I suppose I'll need some form of insurance, for accidents caused by people tripping over a yarn wrapper, tying themselves up in yarn, that sort of thing and for working from home.

What else do I need? Confused

Your insurance should be relatively straight forward.

In terms of the website, you will obviously need terms and conditions plus a privacy policy.

In terms of selling other peoples things - perhaps a basic contract?

contract is a must

i got a standard builder client one "off the shelf" very cheap and rock solid

recon there must be shopkeeper supplier ones

Have you spoken with one of the advisory bodies funded by WAG? They can offer some good basic advice about what you need.

Laughing I'll look into that asap.

You lot on here are wonderful, you know? I'm totally at sea with all this stuff, but Penny's going through what I write and khelping me knock it into shape, and you chaps keep coming up with ideas...

Can't say how much you're all helping.

one of the good things about writing a business plan is that it helps you spot the weakness in the ideas and gives opportunity to correct them before they become a problem

I'm a big fan of the Ian Wallace Craftsman Insurance policy. I've got ours to cover both of us, for 5mil public and product liability, and it covers online sales, and teaching (and I had him add a clause for working with open fires and the public), and its a whisker over 100 a year. He's also the only sane friendly insurance man I've ever spoken to by phone, not scary at all

I was on the verge of getting onto NFU Mutual and I saw youour post, Sally: fantastic. Don't know why I didn't ask you first! Laughing

Just got onto Ian Wallace's site: looks just the job! Laughing

Right. That's one problem sorted: what's next? Laughing

we have our insurance with Swinton, it was the only one available to cover the shop at the time as we dont have an alarm system, they are excellant, and very reasonably priced as well, get a few quotes after all it wont hurt Very Happy
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