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Lemon curd (and others)

Recipes and instructions for lemon, orange, lime, apricot and gooseberry curds here.

Yum, was just thinking I should give lemon curd another go Very Happy

I made some for the first time today and it was fantastic! will do a much bigger batch next time to give to friends Very Happy

Can lemon curd be frozen? how long does it last in the jar?
I have just made my first batch but wondered what its shelf life is so that I can give it away as Crimble presents ... can anyone advise please? Very Happy

No more than 6 weeks at the outside in the fridge, although the W.I reccomends 3 weeks. Make small jars.

Never frozen it.

And welcome! Laughing
Green Rosie

I always thought you couldn't but apparently it freezes well for up to a year. You learn something new every day Very Happy

And welcome from France where lemon curd freezing may well be taking place in the next week or so Wink

Anyone made Ginger curd? I bought some from a stall and need to recreate this delicacy!
Green Rosie

From Delia online

ooh ta - have you tried it??
Green Rosie

No but I might give it a go - I like ginger.

I'd have assumed it could be frozen merely as the local icecream producer sells lemon curd ice cream and it's yum!

I've frozen cakes with lemon curd filling in and they're fine too
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