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Lets go and see Maude and Mildred.

Its dinner time.

Maude and Mildred were born 4.9.2013 and are the daughters of Little Owls Princess (Prudence) by Carrhall Patrick and are yet to have any romance in their lives.
Because of the way that pedigree pigs are named, they are both Over the Gate Princess's, the only difference is that one of them is number 7 and the other, number eight. All six of their brothers, who ended up in freezers across the Lleyn, were OTG Patricks numbered one to six.

I do like a photograph of a pig. Smile

Lovely! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

A nicely matched pair Very Happy

We'll be moving some pigs this evening ready to go off to the slaughterhouse. I'll be loading them up late tonight ready to go off in the morning.
You might remember that I bought three birth notified young boars back in May. Two of them are for the off, while the third one might if he's lucky, be kept as a prospective husband for the two 'M's.

I want to see the photo of them turning on the bath taps Wink

I went to great pains to obtain that bath and bury it for them as a wallow and the little buggers haven't been anywhere near it. Instead they've managed to make a wallow right in the entrance to their ark which I have to top up morning and night. With a bucket I hasten to add and not, well you know what I mean.


Lucky Pig.

Its tricky trying to get a decent picture when your prize pig is following you around the sty, so my apologies for my lack of photographic skills.

Lucky hasn't got a name as yet. I've suggested names belonging to people that I don't like but Karen wont have that. Forever the diplomat ROFL I know its old hat and its been many times before but how about a pick the name of the pig competition? Rolling Eyes

Meet Lucky AKA Maurice, Mo to his friends. Kaz managed to take some photos that do him a bit more justice this afternoon.


That's a fine looking boar Bodger Very Happy

he's lovely Smile

He's a bit too wimpy at the moment. Right now Maude and Mildred would eat him for breakfast. He's got a couple of months to toughen up. Rolling Eyes

Must say I'm not massively into pigs, but he has such a happy face Very Happy

what a corker of a porker!
Very Happy

Laughing Laughing Laughing

Excellent pictures. Love the ducks and the pigs of course.

I'm just starting to get a little excited, I'm working on being able to purchase a new GOS sow. I'm currently waiting on a breeder to E-mail me some pictures of sows that he has for sale. I'm looking to buy a young sow that's in pig and that has had one previous litter.
With the age of my two gilts, I've worked out that its going to be almost this time next year before I have any pigs to sell as pork, so my new sow should fill the gap in production nicely. I'll let you have a look at the pictures when and if they arrive.

I'll have to take a packed lunch or two with me when I go to fetch her but last night I agreed to buy this animal. She's bred by the same person who bred Prudence but from slightly different blood lines. She's a couple of months in pig. Here's a not so good picture of her.
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