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Lightest sea fishing line?

I'd like a reel of lighter line for some light mackerel spinning on a light spinning rod & reel. So a 15g spinner and a 1-2lb fish would be the most. Do I risk a 4lb mono/fluoro line or would something heavier be better?

I currently use a 10lb line and that copes well with heaver tackle. I know one the one hand knots weaken the line but most lines do seem rather conservatively rated.

low stretch 5lb works for trout/grayling spinning

my way with mackerel is heavy line and a multihook rig as they dont usually arrive alone
Mr O

I always had fun with Mackerel on really light gear, a single feather on 3 lb line with a freshwater light rod.

Its not necessarily the weight of the fish that you might catch which dictates the use of a comparatively heavy line but also the strong currents and the need to fish a heavier lure, plus tackle loss due to getting snagged in seaweed.
I fish with 10 to12lb line when spinning for mackerel, which also gives me a chance if I happen to hook into a bass.

In this case it is just the weight of the fish and light lures, it will be loaded onto a spare spool so I'll have another with heavier line for fishing weedy, rocky or stormy seas.
Northern Boy

I guess it depends on why you want the lighter line.

I always use line that is way heavier than necessary unless fishing for line-shy fish (e.g. mullet). I reason that to use a lighter line increases the risk of fish snapping you off and trailing round with tackle hanging from their mouths (or worse), and of snags, leaving fishing tackle in rocks/weeds.

If you're spinning with a light lure there's the chance of a bass, so 4lb would be risking it?

I want the light line to add distance when casting a light lure or bait.

I understand what you're saying about the risk of losing tackle but other people seem to constantly be losing stuff with very heavy line so it's just as much down to how you fish as what you use. I would carefully choose my spot and time when a 5lb bass wouldn't be likely.

Try braid

strength to weight try braid line more expensive than mono and not as forgiving ie doesnt stretch. Good fishing and tight lines...
Mr O

I used light line and a single lure for the fun of it, not recomended if you are in for a harvest.

I should have updated this a bit sooner. After getting a freezer full of mackerel in a morning last summer, the next few trips I went over to a single lure one a light rod, reel and line and that was far more my cup of tea. Still landed about 8 in an hour or so; had a few more nibbles and the line never broke. I recon I could still get a good harvest with a bit more practice.

I've started to use lightish mono (8lb) and cheap braid (on different spools). One thing I have noticed is the quality of the reel becomes important, cheaper reels I've used don't lay the line that well and then the line can tangle on the cast, my higher quality reel is much better.

For this year, if any of the beaches I use are still there, I hope to use a better quality braid and fluoro leader (using this knot) which will give me a stronger and lighter setup.

I've also been making my own feather rigs, I've noticed many of the shop ones seem prone to breaking/splitting even though they are made from much more bulky line. I follow these and these instructions and as the snoods are tied to a single piece of main line it's a more robust set-up and easier to rescue if it hooks a bit of weed on the retrieve.

the shop ones often have low quality hooks that are too big and poor knotwork,

big hook only big fish ,small hook any fish Wink
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