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Like FRC but habitat all wrong

Hi All,

I need some help identifying some mushrooms. My partner and I have been foraging for them for a few months and are getting better at identifying them using and a little help from google and my undergrad mycology texts. Today, we have brought an exciting assortment, but with one we have come unstuck.

We have some specimens that look very similar to FRC, so much so that I am confident the belong to the Marasimius genus, however, after hours of searching we are still stumped for what they might be.

They were found under a hedge of holly beside a big oak tree. The mycelium was growing on fallen oak leaves and a few on oak wood. The mushrooms were not clumped, but rather space evenly, if in a random fashion over about 1.5-2m from the base of the oak.

The mushrooms are a pale brown, bowl shaped to flat cap 2-10 cm in diameter. The gills are cream to brown depending on age, articulate from the stem (as per FRC) and spaced a bit tighter than a FRC. The Stems are white, simple with no ring and looked to be covered in mycelium toward the base of the stem. Having been picked they are drying out quite quickly...

Below are some pictures with FRC on the right for comparison (albeit the biggest FRCs I have found to date)

This pic is the best I could get of the base of the stem...

Mostly we are interested in figuring out what these are for the exercise of it, so even if you can only direct us toward similar species that may be helpful. Thanks in advance. Sarah[/img]

I'd say not FRC, as these are found usually in field and meadow habitats usually on grass, not associated with trees My first thought was perhaps collybia species - often found in leaf litter and many have that fluffy foot as per your pic. have you compared smell?

Collybia peronata looks like a probable match.

They don't have a particular smell, a bit mushroomy... I'm not confident on identifying aromas.

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