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Lime render

Been reading Tony Wrench's 'Building a Low Impact Roundhouse' book. He mentions using lime render at a ratio of 4:1 sand/lime. Would this be plastering or sharp sand? And would this be suitable for plastering inside, or if not what mix would be good?

im not expert with lime mixes but i have spread a bit of 4 to 1 lime mix and have done acres of walls with cement mortars

sharp sand is best for rendering walls ,the sands with a bit of sharp small grits in are pretty good ,all sand can be a bit slumpy in thicker coats .try to avoid sands with big grits cos they catch on the trowel causing tears and sometimes cause bubbles

owt from 1/4 to tiny is ideal

smooth bricklaying or pointing sand is a waking nightmare to stick to a wall Laughing just dont try

1/4 to dust crushed granite will make a render mix but it isnt as good as good sharp sand

a couple of tips with lime
eye protection and gloves
steep it in a barrel for a week,tip off the liquid and then use the sludge to make the mix is far better than mixing powder sand and water

if you are doing a lot using a cement mixer helps

it stays soft for quite a while compared to cement mixes so mixing bigger batches makes sense

dont use too much water ,

ps 4 to 1 is fine inside or out but for serious strong ,hard and a bit flexible 4 to 1 to 1 sand lime cement

4to1 lime is probably best for most jobs on a low impact roundhouse and use the cementy one for fillits,upstands etc
Mistress Rose

Lime rendering has the advantage that it 'breathes' so will let moisture through from inside.

The best lime render is put on in 3 or 4 graded layers with each layer of a specific lime/sand mix. There are a number of resource available but look for conservation quality mixes and techniques as these will be well researched and designed to long life under specific circumstances.

There's a really good publication that's not generally available and published by a West Wales local authority - I think - that is a excellent. If have a copy at the office and if I remember I'll dig out the title.

You can also contact Ty Mawr Lime who will be very willing to provide advice.

The best lime is matured lime putty, Ty Mawr and others supply this.
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