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Live bunnies wanted, South West Wales

As the post title says, I'm keen to get back into shooting a few bunnies for the pot using the air rifle I bought 38 years ago (!) Anyone with top tips on where I could find said bunnies, please advise? Smile

What permissions have you got? If not get some. Go knocking on local farm's and have a word. I'll see if my friend has come contacts . Would be good to take the dog for a walk over footpaths look at where they are. Just moved the ponies into a farmer friends farm when the last snow hit took the girl's into field opersite and spotted tracks and Warrens and noticed a few big adult conies about so I know where a few are already be for I ask too shoot them

As of yet, no permissions Misty but hoping to change that soon. Land I had permissions over as a teenager are right on my doorstep so some doorbell ringing may be required Smile

Goes without saying, but make sure you dust off the air rifle and brush up on your target shooting before you move on to live quarry
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