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Although there are not many things better than coming home and then heading straight out to the fields to check lambs I still haven't worked out how to do that and get food on the table at about the right time.

Yesterday we came back from farming to an overcooked fruit cake, (which I see has made no difference to a good third of it disappearing by this afternoon). It was a miserable night and we decided that one set of twins was safer undercover overnight.

Tonight I thought I would have plenty of time to put in the piece of beef that has been marinading for twenty four hours but no. Rolling Eyes There were several delays including an over long tea break with newly arrived family so I'm not complaining but I think the beef is still too raw even for me to enjoy and we have to go back out again to feed and check the waifs and strays in the shed.

I do have frozen food I prepared several weeks earlier but it's still in the freezer.

On top of that, Jack is already late back from the last check before dark, why I wonder. We are going to have overcooked purple sprouting broccoli with undercooked pepper marinated beef and then go to bed.

I can't be the only one?
Rob R

Nope, that's why we're all miserable *******s Wink
Rob R

Sorry, that wasn't very helpful; the trick is to learn to appreciate food however it comes. Or employ a cook.

At times like yours the slow cooker becomes your best friend.
Stick something on in the morning & you know it will be ready for dinner regardless as to when.

I have considered getting one again. I am a bit fed up of stew type meals but I think that's because of a lack of imagination at the moment. A nice sharp lemony chicken thing with a salad, that would work.

The purple sprouting broccoli was delicious though. The beef was fine as well because we went back out and left it cooking. Notice the lack of anything else to go with it though. Smile
Rob R

Nowt wrong with just beef, vegetables on their own would be a travesty, however.

Have a big pot of veg stew/chilli/curry ready on the stove or in the fridge. It keeps for several days (flavour improves) and just needs warming through.

David is on his way home. I have found that unless I hide it no matter how big the pot it gets eaten. Smile

I will try that though, it sounds good and they can help themselves when they need. I have to go into Oxfam as well. Volunteers will insist on having holidays so we are short. Anyone local fancy volunteering? Let me know. Wink
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