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Living the Dream

My wife and I retiresd a dozen years ago an since then have wanderered over four continents looking for that special place. We are almost convinced we are gypsies at heart and may never settle, however, time and tide, as they say move us to consider a more permanent home base and top of the current pops is Bulgaria.

We don't want much, just a constant supply of yellow rays to warm our bones, a decent beer, ideally poured from a cold tap within walking distance of home and decent neighbours.

OK. maybe there are a couple of home comforts which could tempt us and we do hanker after providing them in a sensible way. We ahve a horror of electricity cables festooned over the front of our house and lines of concrete posts marching towards us carrying a simple telephone signal. We've never been able to understand why people waste the heat of the sun, power of water and wind and throw away all sorts of useful things.

Don't get me wrong, we do not subscribe to the Irish approach to conservation, they simply take things too far. What on earth is the idea behind washing food containers before recyclying, do they not see the stupidity of wasting water? Why sort bottles by colour and collect them in monstrous plastic containers when a single recyclable container could take lees space, look better and be changed more frequently.

We are not against concrete, if the Romans could use it successfully so can we, nor are we anti meat but we are anti meat wasters but probably I should hold my peace as more people discovering offal can only push up the price.

As yo will have gathered by now I think PC is the thing I use at home to read emails and don't really care if my views upset a few, provided they don't offend.

Hello Edislaw and welcome to the site. Smile

Ty Gwyn

People tend to wash out food containers to not attract vermin,

Which my neighbour soon found out was the cause of his rubbish being strewn around the roadside,after the Red Kites ripped the bags apart.

The Paddy`s ain`t as daft as you think,lol.
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