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Logo please?

so, we've done a couple of food fairs now and are learning as we go, our new website is coming along nicely for anyone that wants a peak and constructive criticism always welcome!
we would like a logo, i'm arty but not arty enough. does anyone here design logos and what sort of price do you quote? looking for something that represents our boer goats and welsh pigs....preferably in 2 or 3 colours that we can easily print onto labels.
anyone interested?
happy to trade or pay Smile

might be able to put one together for you .have you any nice photos of the beasts?

price depends on how complex the client /artist negotiation is .i will work for money or barter.
something simple should not take too long .

please feel free to pm me for a chat about a brief .

That's great thank you, I have pm you
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