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Looking for 2 bed, garden, parking to rent near Machynlleth

There is a job looking after the forests between Dolgellau and Machynlleth, same job I'm doing now but in the south. The north job, means I'd only be 30mins from Aber if I lived in Mach. Now I'm not much of a living in the town girl, but being a lot closer to my son (5 1/2) is v. appealing. I've looked in the area via Internet and nothing is about so was hoping you north wales downsizers might be able to help, if you know of anywhere?
Machynlleth/cemaes/brigands or 10mins north/south of Machynlleth sort of area. Office be in Dolgellau.
I'm quite stretched at 425 a month so ideally under the 400 mark, rural not a problem prefer that, on a smallholding ideal, could help out too. I'd like a place that would accept a dog too, indoors or out, I don't mind. I don't currently have one.
Or even a list of local agents in the area be great.
Thank you
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