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Looking for a Jams and Jellies seller, Minehead

Minehead Farmer's Market are still looking for new traders - particularly for jams and jellies. It doesn't have to be a single person, it could be a group of people forming a co-operative, although the market would treat you as a single stallholder.

We run weekly on a Friday from 8.30 to 2pm all through the year and a pitch is 25, which includes marquee but not a table.

We are also looking for: poultry (fortnightly, for eating, NOT live, as Sean forced me to clarify below Wink ), and cider, among other things. We may also be interested in good quality art and crafts made from local materials. For January and February our pitch fee will be 15 rather than the usual 25, so this is an ideal time to come along and see how your wares sell. Please contact Shelly on the details on the website for further information, or post on this thread or PM me.

Not that it's going to be me but is that live poultry for keeping or dead poultry for eating?

For eating, sorry.

We have someone who comes fortnightly, but we are looking for someone to fill the open slot every other week.
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