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lost hound .team pointy request for eyeballs.

it makes sense to share this that i was sent by team pointy,if she does show up contact me or her folks via the facebook link .thanks just for looking.

to ask you all to keep your eyes peeled for a lost lurcher called Betsy. We have been contacted by her mum who has asked us to spread the word.

She went missing from Newcastle but hasn't been seen for almost two months now and really could have wandered miles, coupled with the fact she has visited York with her mum a lot.

She is black with a white chest and tiny rings of white on her back toes. By far the most distinguishing feature is her right ear which is missing the top half.

She was wearing a blue floral collar and a harness and red lead.

Betsy has her own Facebook page!/profile.php?id=336614653205360

Betsy is chipped but is very shy. She actually was a stray from a travellers camp in Leeds so that area too is a possibility.

Please just keep an eye out and if you see anyone fitting this description on rescue sites etc let us know so we can pass that information to her mum who is frantic. Here are a few photos of her

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