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lots of longdogs

such things are fun but the regular ones every month are nicer (especially for those with "difficult" hounds (chomski is on camera as an extra in the background of one scene Laughing )

if anybody has a permanent sofa with a space we can find a way to fill the gap Wink

york isnt full yet but we are working towards it.

That looks interesting but if you want to see just about every variety of long dog, then get yourself off to the Chatsworth Country Fair on the 2nd, third and fourth of September. Very Happy We're going along on the Saturday, I can't wait for what is always a fantastic day. They have long dog racing.

there are some folk who do longdog racing at askern nr doncaster every month.they hire the dog track on a sunday morning and everything from the recently retired racers to "honorary" long dogs (jrt and yorkie racing is very funny to watch) and assorted lurchers etc can find a suitable category to run in.

the three legged ones are faster than i would have thought possible and the seniors are just as keen as the younger ones but the "hare" goes slower.

That sounds great fun!
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