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Ludlow medievil christmas fayre

Who has been? what should we expect when we visit? Is it good? Does anyone here go as a trader/actor?

Also how do you spell medieveal (both look wrong spelling)?
Ty Gwyn

Azura Skye

ooh two of my favourite things, medieval and christmas! sounds great.

It's a lovely event. We go on the Saturday evening when there is a torchlight parade in full armour &c. The outside stalls are mainly like the kind of things Sally makes and sells, while in the marquees there are lots of traders all selling festive stuff: pressies, food, allsorts. There is lovely singing in the beer tent, someof it historically accurate as well as beer from Woods of Wistanstow. Plenty of food too, and other entertainments.

really worth going. Several DSers will be there as punters: us, EV & VP, Gardening Girl, Woodsprite... and Martin (BOTT) always has a stall there.

Really looking foward to this now.We are staying up there for a long weekend.
Any chance of meeting up for a drink?
Never been there before so don`t know the town at all.,

The church inn by St Lawrence's is a lovely boozer.

Nice selection of real ales there for you GG Smile

You must try and keep up Pel. Laughing

The Church Inn is lovely, but it's heaving bus during the Fair. I've suggested 7:30 in the beer tent.
Nell Merionwen

I'm giving a lecture on medieval christmas in a couple of weeks. That's interesting isn't it! Laughing
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