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Blue Sky

Lunch at Pricey´s

Hope you don´t mind mate but we pic-niqed at your place for lunch. Wink

Lots of pictures to share when we get home. Couldn´t find a lemon tree so we nicked three of your lovely oranges for desert. I hope it was your place anyhow. We had to shin over a gate which was chained to get in. Very Happy You have sheep keeping the grass down and cattle in the shed. Your neighbour reckons you sold up and left but I tried to explain you still own the place.

Anyway, we are now back in spain in a very posh hotel using their free internet. Don´t get the wrong idea .... we are camping on the campsite nextdoor which is owned by the hotel. Cool

We are Salemanca (sp)?

More soon

I thought you must be around. Just checked the forum and it said there were two users on, you and me. So I checked here and sure enough ....

Did you save the orange pips? We can have portugese AND italien orange plants all over the house. Good job we all like orange juice!

Nice one mate glad you enjoyed it, Arlindo must have had the Lemons then Rolling Eyes He uses them in the bar. It will be great to see the pic's when you get home.
Blue Sky

Just reached Valladolid for lunch. Heading for Aranda de Duera as I know of a good campsite there at the crossing with the Madrid road. Should be there in an hour or two. I will post the stops so far in the other place for anyone that's interested.

Hi Pricey, just got back from Tomar, is that anywhere near you??????
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