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Lunchtime forage (in the rain)

After visiting the bank, I wanted some fresh air. So I've just taken a stroll through the fens on the edge of town, and come back with:

Bag full of Agrocybe cylindracea
Assorted Agaricus
Lots of titchy little puffballs, probably Bovista plumbea
A whole pile of lush green watercress
A chunk of tender young chicken of the woods

Oh, and I've got squelchy wet feet.

Well done you. I'm off to walk the hound in a minute, but apart from crab-apples there seems to be very little around at the moment (that I'm confident in my ability to identify anyway).

got lots of rowanberries and hawes here and some elderberries left too

Also gathered some lovely chickweed on the way home too. And, of all things, a little ripe tomato on a plant in the middle of Midsummer Common. Very odd.

watercress question

how do you know whether watercress is safe to eat? The reason I ask is that a couple of weeks ago we picked some lovely wild cress growing along a small stream in the Devil's mouth near Carding Mill valley (Long Mynd national trust).

According to Richard Mabey's Food for free book, there is a risk of liver fluke (sounds like a pretty nasty disease to catch!) and the book recommends picking only from fast flowing water.

Of course, after reading that bit, there were not many punters for the nearly boiled to death cress which I ended up eating on my own:(

Re: watercress question

Trouble with cooked watercress is that its just nasty. It makes a good soup though, used to flavour a potato soup its a bit special.

If its in water and near livestock or downstream of livestock, then it should be cooked.

The stuff I picked today was from mud raised quite well out of a brook just on the outskirts of Cambridge town centre; not growing in water (even out of reach of high water for where it was picked), but with wet roots to make it happy to grow there, so pretty much safe as any other wild green.

have been to thetford this morning lots of ceps few bay boletes plenty of chestnuts and walnuts now falling

steve01 wrote:
have been to thetford this morning lots of ceps few bay boletes plenty of chestnuts and walnuts now falling

oooh, chestnuts, that's what I can add to my hampers Smile
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