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M-J is back from the Fly Fishing Championships...

...with a silver medal for Wales. Very Happy
Would have loved to have won gold - but the English team was an unstoppable force.
The Scottish team won the bronze.

Having fished in a boat every day from 9am to 5pm for the last week I'm shattered...and am still in my pyjamas today at 11am.
When I close my eyes I'm still rocking back and forth.
My face is brown from my nose down, but white above - it's a most peculiar look.

Back to work on Tuesday.

Jo S

Well done wav

(I'm still in my PJs too, if that helps?)

Thinking on, I'm quite glad I'm not a fish. I bet the judges were bamboozled by the clip-board manouevre.

You've missed a couple of good celeb. deaths, by the way: Jeff Conaway and Gil Scott-Heron.

Oh well done you. Fantastic. NEXT year... it'll be GOLD Very Happy
M&D xx

Well done - congratulations .....(and RIP Janet Brown)

Very Happy Yoohoo congratulations.

Was it really windy 'cos if so that's even more brilliant!
chicken feed

Laughing well done you

Was it really windy 'cos if so that's even more brilliant!

Windy? That's an understatement, it was practically a Force 10 gale all day. Laughing
We'd had really good weather all week for all the practice days - but on the day of the competition the wind was howling across the water, horizontal rain and huge waves. You could hardly get a line out at times. I had a very wet bottom when I came in at 5pm. Even the super-duper waterproofs couldn't keep us dry in those conditions.
Penny Outskirts

Well done dear Very Happy Whoop whoop!

Well Done, silver is a great start so i'll pencil you in for winning gold next year? Very Happy Laughing

Congratulations! a fantastic result wav

Yay! Got your sensible shoes yet? Laughing

Yay! Got your sensible shoes yet? Laughing

Rolling Eyes Hoping the official photos in uniform won't be too bad, although there were a number of comments from within the team that some of us look like men in drag in the tartan skirts...

Some of the girls would like plain black trousers (which I agree with) so I suggested that we cut up the skirts and make them into waistcoats instead, which everyone thought was a good idea. We just need a good seamstress to do them for us (paid of course).


Well done M-J

Well done M-J. Very Happy

The waistcoat and black trousers sounds good compromise.

Jolly well done, M-J ! Very Happy Mary-Jane

Jolly well done, M-J ! Very Happy

Fanks very much Gil...and everyone.
I should point out I merely contributed as a member of the 14-strong Welsh team - I didn't get the silver all on my own Laughing

Well played that woman!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy frewen

Congrats wav

Very well done Cool

Very well done!! thumbup mihto

Did you catch any fish? sgt.colon

Well done M-J. Silver is great.

I'm happy if I can just catch one for tea. Very Happy
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