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Mac password recovery

A friend of my MILs husband has died unfortunately he never told his wife the password. How does she go about recovering the password or otherwise gaining access to the computer?

it depends on a few things:

did they write it down, i keep all of mine in a book cos i forget most of them. it might be worth a look

could it be guessed, password, pets names, dob, etc etc etc. (see below re x times and you are out)

there are password crackers available that can deal with simple ones by trial and error applied many times . the more characters , case changes and symbols the longer it takes and see next point

does a mac give you a limited number of goes before it locks for good?

a mate of mine cracked my previous main one in under ten mins using simple software even though it was rated good by many systems, a decent pooter security bod might be able to help.

unless the disk is encrypted there are ways to copy the data without using that hd as the operating system. again a pooter security bod might be of help.

encryption adds a whole new world of tricky, do macs encrypt as standard ? ( my linux system {on the steam punk server you gave me} does but only the ms machine tweaked by above mate did of many ms systems i have had . )

Forget that, it's an acer so must be windows. I reckon I can crack that for them

yep should be pretty simple Wink

I've a utility that will bypass windows passwords.

See if I can find it.
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