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Jam Lady

Making Farmer's Cheese

The recent cheese making event at Bouman Stickney Museum really caught my attention. And this afternoon I tried it myself, with very good results.

Farmer's cheese is a fresh, acid set cheese that - I can now confirm - is really easy to make. Heat the milk (anything except ultra pasteurized which I avoid anyhow) to below a boil. Add acidifier - vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid (the last is what I used) to hot milk. One gallon of milk plus 2 teaspoons of citric acid dissolved in 1 cup of warm water.

Stir just a couple of times and the curds and whey start to separate. Let sit for about 20 minutes, then strain.

If I had pigs they'd get the whey. But I don't, so I will drink it. Or use in bread baking.

And the farmer's cheese - I intend to use some of it to make syrniki, Russian cheese pancakes.

This is how to make the Indian cheese paneer to.
If you press it for a while it's firm enough to cube and fry for adding to a curry as well.

there are other uses than culinary for the product of this process

simples such objects can be somewhat hardened by boiling after moulding and then dried


go chemical for a very robust result that will stand warm (but not boilwash)washing on clothes or for use as knitting needles, jewellery etc etc etc

going back to the culinary if you use lemon juice the resulting cheese is really nice with some dried fruit/peel mixed in.

Really impatient to have a go at this, but Jean is still of the cheese and I'm trying hard to stick to a rule of only making things that are going to and will get rapidly used.
We have been way too undisciplined about this in the past, there are now only two of us and that is a problem when you enjoy making things too much.

the lemon and fruit one never lasts long near me Laughing
Jam Lady

Jema, I began with a gallon of milk but there is no reason why you could not scale down to a quart, just to give it a try. It really is so very easy to do.

I have been enjoying the farmer's cheese smeared on bread / toast. And there is sryniki, a Russian cheese pancake thing that I am eager to try. If you press it under a weighted plate it becomes paneer, can then be cut into cubes and used in a curry or other Indian dishes. Do let me know if you give it a go - I'd be interested to hear how it worked out for you.

There are also only two of us here but you know what they say - curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back. I am the curious elephant's child, always want to try these things out.
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