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Manky old tent

Went to pick up some stained glass from a very very nice lady who was doing a spot of freecycling, and bless her, her old folks had both passed on and the house was up for sale, she was desperate to clear the junk from the garage. She offered me an old frame tent and I didn't have the heart to say no, I also figured one of my friends would have a use for it. Unfortunately I took it home gagging and with the windows would down because it stank so badly of mould, and was just about to chuck the whole lot away when i realised I could use the poles..... and now I am the owner of some permanent (and extendable) plant supports as well as loads of pegs for pinning fleece and netting to the plot!!!

Thank you nice lady Very Happy

if its old canvas, then its great for covering weeds, lining raised beds etc in the garden and we have found many small holder type uses for old canvas, but if its the newer plasticy coated canvas or really modern nylon/polycotton type material you may aswell take it to the tip of burn it your self. its useless for second jobs!

yep its manky old polycotton stuff with a nice green flora on top, and i can't get near it without wanting to barf.

Thank you for replying, i was starting to think I was the sole loony in the asylum Smile

hmm, old frame tent - I know where there is one of those - and I know somewhere else that will need a fruit cage next year Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Oh now Fruitcage.....that is an even better idea!!! Very Happy
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