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Mare's Tail/Equisetum

I have yet another garden full of the has grown up through membrane into the raised beds, and it is everywhere...sigh....right through the lawn...just when you need to be composting as much as possible....

dissolve it in a mixture tub

add nasty veg(and/or high mineral stuff like nettles comfrey etc)
cover veg with water

the ferment works really well if you use some soil and/or dung as a starter
adding blood fish and bone is good
adding chicken(or other) guano is excellent
rats,pigs heads etc are good

leave the lid loose as the gasses can pop a sealed container and a semi aerobic ferment gives better feed

it stinks like a very stinky thing but after a few months the liquid feed is ace(and works well to activate normal compost heaps) and all the nasty veg or nasty veg seeds are safe when you need to unload some of the sludge on soil or compost heap.

boil it in an oil drum and compost as usual is another option

we had lots of it on the allotment and the above does at least deal with tops and any you dig out

Ta Smile Plenty of docks to help the brew! The garden has had 20 yeas of neglect Confused

the liquid feed will be too concentrated for most plants so dilute it for use Wink

The usual large capful in a watering can?

for a 2 gallon can

1 cup for general use

2 cups for tomatoes

4 cups for curcubitaceae in soil

half and half for curcubitaceae in rotten straw every other watering

neat for compost heap activation

these are rough amounts based on a dark tea colour ,use more for a pale liquor and less if it is like guinness

I've also read it makes it an effective natural fungicide.
& the high silica content an effectice scourer & sandpaper substitute.

you'll often find equisetum in shampoos,including for animals...good for the skin,apparently !
Mistress Rose

The silica would be an exfoliant I would think. Think that is the word anyway. Rub it on the skin to take the top loose skin off.
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