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marinaded mussels (one portion)

a dozen large mussels ,prepped and flash boiled with a couple of bay and remove from shells.
put in small jar(or whatever)

ts thyme (fresh)
ts parsley "
ts rosemary "
1/2ts lavender "
large clove garlic
1/2ts mustard seed
1/4ts sea salt
8 white pepper corns

mash in pestle and mortar then add
ts balsamic vinagar
5 ts olive oil
2 ts dijon mustard

mix well and add to mussel in jar
shake gently(or stir even more gently)

leave in fridge 12 to 24 hrs .

it is quite a strong marinade but with good mussels it brings out their flavour rather than masks it like many style of marinade for shellfish .
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