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marmalade labelling help

been a while since I was last here... I'm stepping up my preserves making and was wondering if there are any artisan jam/marmalade/preserve makers who can advise me on the labelling law?
Specifically I understand I am required to state 'made with XXg fruit per 100g' and 'YYg of sugar per 100g'. I get that a refractometer is needed for the sugar statement, but how does one work out the fruit content of marmalade? when some of that fruit is peel and some is actual fruit ( endocarp ) is an artisan marmalade maker seriously expected to weigh the peel and the fruit separately? and if your marmalade recipe uses 2kg sugar to 1kg raw whole fruit and makes 3kg finished product, does that equal 'prepared with 33g fruit per 100g' ?
Thanks for any pointers /answers!

Better check this one out matey.The old one's are the best and that includes me. Very Happy

ah thanks Bodger, unfortunately the links are expired!
I think I will just weigh the whole fruit and the finished marmalade weight to work out my total fruit content. Life is too short to quibble about how much fruit is peel and how much is fruit pulp and juice!

Works for me.

It's the weight of the complete fruit (including peel, stones etc) so 1kg sugar plus 1kg oranges with a yield of 1.5kg marmalade gives us 67 g fruit per 100g jam
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