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Marrow and beet suggestions please

I have a two kilo marrow and some flipping enormous beets. Also onions, potatoes, carrots and sweetcorn.

Recipe suggestions based around Marrow and beets? Should I just roast them?

Anything involving complicated preparation is beyond me today.

Chutney. Or soup.

I did think about marrow and ginger jam - I love it. But I can't bear to faff around finding jars.

Roasted with a bit of garam masala and chilli?

boil n mash spuds

chop onions fine
empty marrow

mix mash ,cumin,chilli onions curry spices of choice

stuff marrow

roast marrow and beets

de skin and slice beets . quick fry with nutmeg based spice mix
serve marrow n beets with yogurt,pickles (2hr grated carrot pickle [salt/sugar/nice vinegar,spices] is quite nice) ,grated spiced coconut etc

a neat trick with big marrows is to coat the inside with either ground almonds or cornmeal which absorbs some of the water and makes for a firmer ,sliceable result. about a teaspoonful per inch is a decent coating ,chuck it in and give it a shake before it all clumps in one place.

save the corn for making grits for breakfast Wink

Beetroot. Peel. Wrap in foil with a drop or two of some nice vinegar. Not Sarsons, but red wine, or raspberry. I don't know about cider, but it doesn't feel right. Salt, pepper, flavours. Cumin seeds, rosemary, star anise. Strong flavours.

Bake in a hot oven for 30-60 minutes, depending on size. Roast, pickled beetroot. Just the job for autumn supper. Serve as a veg with some meat, or with some cold feta cheese, and it'll probably be a dish on its own.

Grits..? Nooooooo....

Grits..? Nooooooo....

and hog jowls ( bath chaps for the uk audience ) ,yumm. proper southern cooking Cool
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