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masonary stoves - hwh

stumbled across this article in an old issue of this mag. page 64

buildings in the rural areas of the UK. We were to install 2

A combined “work and learn” 5 day course on the installa-
tion of high efficiency woodburning masonry stoves was held
in the Aveyron Valley , Midi-Pyrenees region of SW France
last summer.
Fetze Tigchelaar, the stove manufacturer and workshop
leader, is from Holland. His reputation as an innovative manu-
facturer of a very wide range of domestic and commercial
woodburning stoves came to me via a recommendation
from a member of the Masonry Heater Association of North
America. The main features of Fetze’s stoves are low pollu-
tion and high efficiency. The stoves look good, too.
The course entailed an actual double stove installation
in a very large stone farmhouse, very similar to traditional
buildings in the rural areas of the UK. We were to install 2
medium-sized stoves to heat 4 ground floor room spaces
(with ancillary hot water heating to a first floor bedroom
and corridor radiators) and a domestic size bread oven.
The preliminary work of checking and cleaning the existing
chimney stacks, forming structural openings and foundation
bases and associated plumbing work had been done already
by local builders.
Fetze’s work often includes free form organic shapes of
truly enormous scale, often with high level sleeping ledges
freestanding modular stoves looking like a large metal sand
seat benches warmed by the stove. Most are of eithertove
or completely built-in with only the access doors and controls

Hi Mark,

I really appreciate it when people come up with information like that out of the blue - thanks. Smile

I got in touch with Fetze Tigchelaar last year from an article I found on the internet. Fabrice wanted to go on the course, which isn't too far away from us, but as I remember either the course was cancelled or we were too late applying.

Since we started planning to build the Russian stove, we think we've found out & seen enough to DIY. (Fabrice is a stonemason.)

The project is on hold until we get the roof on the extension, but I plan to put in all the links, photos etc. into our blog to help other people who want to do the same thing.

Thanks a lot for thinking about us.

Irene x


Sounds like a good course. I have been looking for one for a while now as I would like to build a masonry stove when we move to Creuse, France, next year. So far I've only found one. It was in Scotland and I was too late to sign up. It doesn't seem like they will be doing more either.

If anyone have further info on courses here or in France (though it would have to be in English or Danish), let me know please.
I shall try and get in contact with Fetze Tigchelaar as well.

Cheers and thanks for the info Mark

Here's another chap who installs stoves & runs courses in France either in French or Dutch:

Feu Vivant
Hans Hinrichs
La Barlière
86250 St Romain en Charroux
Tél. et Fax


Thanks for the info. Though I'd be struggling with the French and Dutch. I'm learning french but it'll take a while.


I'll be interested to hear how it goes - although I half expected that you would have built it by now.


I'll be interested to hear how it goes - although I half expected that you would have built it by now.

Us too !

Since we started the foundations for the stove, we've had to stop to do so many other things including rehabilitating Fabrice's uncle's house for wheelchair access. We've opened a metre thick wall through to make a doorway, insulated and raised a floor, put ramps in etc. and for the past two months we're with him four times a day... (but all that's another story.)

We're also building the extension ourselves, cutting the wood for the beams from our land, choosing, cutting, moving, shaping and cleaning them takes up a lot of time. Also, we decided to use bottles (instead of straw which we used for the original part of the house) for the floor insulation and we just aren't emptying them fast enough...



obviously need to work harder then! hic!

Nice when work is fun.

btw: In case anyone else comes looking for masonary stove info here I Came across this one as well
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