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Mermaid R I P

Don't really mean to start a topic, just feel sad as my little chestnut Section A mare, Maesyneuadd Mor Forwyn (Mermaid in English) was put to sleep last week at the age of 26.
I bred her originally so she was my " baby", and had produced some lovely foals.
I had been worried as to whether she would get through another winter as she had always had trouble retaining weight, but eventually it was lymphoma - that is a nasty one.
I still have her companion, a section A "type" gelding of unknown parentage, "free to good home". He is such a light grey as to be white, but his name is Blue as he was Blue in his youth, apparently.
His story is an amusing one - but for another time.

a good age...Section As are tough individuals.
I would love to hear Blue's story,when you're ready.

Sorry to hear your sad news Lowri.

What is the general age for horses to live to?

Always sad to lose a friend like that, but better than to try to hang on where pain is involved, you did the right thing. My condolences.

Yes, Section As tend to be tough little cookies and do carry on well into their late twenties. Don't know much about others. Polly, my gipsy cob, died suddenly in her mid-teens. I had no history of hers except she was alleged 3 when purchased, but as I only ever had the vet to see if she was in foal (she was), I have no idea if she had a heart defect or what! Never appeared sick in her life!
My oldest Section A mare was 35! They are not called Welsh Mountain ponies for nothing! Very Happy Very Happy

Wow! 35 that is a lot older than what I thought they lived too.
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