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message from bingo.

my computer is knackered and been sent for repair. Thats why you haven't heard from me this week. You know what its like, I don't think I will get it back this year. So I wish you all a Happy Christmas and will catch up with you next year. I will log in whenever I'm around a computer.

Have a Good One.........

Same to you, wondered where you were

Yeah, don't you just hate it when your techno goes down?
I'm around my Mums house today, its my birthday, 31. Opened some presents but hoping to get the Blumenthal book later.

Yes indeedy, been trying to sort out some ADSL lines that got "accidentally" disconnected at work since last week

Happy Birthday Bingo. If you're not back before, have a smashing Chrimbo and New Year.

Cheers Cab, Good luck Christmas eve, I went out on Tuesday and found another cauliflower along with Trumpets, Hegdehogs and Winter Chanterelle. A nice little top up of beer and cider for the festive hols.

Merry Christmas, Andy - hope to catch up in the New Year for a few Morels occasion1

Defo. Doc
I've never found Morels but lets see next year.

The best place seems to be Surrey - North Downs. They like sand overlying chalky soil. I have my places there and would be happy to show you around the area. thumbleft

Seasonal best wishes from here, too. And Happy Birthday.
Hope your IT gets sorted.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Bingo! Very Happy

Merry Christmas mate - see you next year & hope the technology gets fixed soon.

Best wishes for today Bingo, all the best for Crimbo and to a successful 2007. May the mushroom be with you.

Hope your computer gets sorted out soon.

Hope you and yours have a good one Bingo.
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