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welsh veg grower

messages - could one be missing?

I have had 2 e-mails this morning saying i have a new message in my message box on downsizer. One at 22.35pm (Monday evening) and one at 04.08am. But when I go to my message box I only have one new one. I know I haven't been on since about 20.00 last night so could it be wrong, can someone send and then retrieve a message?

Bit odd really, anyway if you sent me one last night send it again in case you think I'm not taking any notice of you.

When you send a PM it sits in the "SentBox" until the recipient reads it. Until then the sender can edit it and re-send it or even delete it. So, what probably happened is the sender edited it so you got two notifications but only one PM.
welsh veg grower

Ah cheers, thats solved that little mystery

I had a PM yesterday, read it, thought I had clicked Save as I wanted info off it later, went back to the Message Box this morning - and it had gone!
What did/didn't I do?
Or has it gone somewhere I can't get at? It's never happened before, and I have had a few PMs.

Have you looked in your saved box?

Silly me! I didn't realise I'd got a Savebox! There it is! You can tell I'm not very good at this sort of technology!
Thanks for the help!
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