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Michel Roux Sauces book!

We went to Waterstones today to use some book tokens which I've been carrying around in my bag for at least 2 years Shocked

I came away with Michel Roux's Sauces - savoury and sweet. But it's not just sauces, there are salsas, coulis, vinaigrettes, custards ....

What a book, I never knew there were so many variations on a sauce.

Can't wait to start trying some of them.

Can any enlighten me as to what Sambal oelek is, it's an ingredient in a pineapple salsa with coriander.


sambal oelek is a chilli sauce - its indonesian I think.

Chilli sauce.

Specifically just crushed chillis with salt and lemon/lime juice or vinegar according to The Oxford Companion to Food. If it's got more ingredients then it becomes Sambal Anotherword depending on what the other ingredients are.

ahaa, thank you!

Reckon the pineapple salsa might be on the cards to go with something porky this week.


Sambal olek played a part in an amusing trip to Amsterdam many years ago. I ended up leading a bunch of friends on the trip over - including a nephew of Brendan Behan who was on a terrorism watch list because of his family, leading to me having to talk to immigration before him being let on the boat.

Anyway, a couple of the lads on the trip had never travelled to the Netherlands before. We all decided to have dinner at the start over the journey, and one of them smother his chicken and chips in sambal. We said nothing, but had a good laugh at his expense when he discovered what he'd done. Embarassed
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