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Green Rosie

Micro pigs and a video on Facebook

Some of you may have seen a video on Facebook of someone playing in a house with some exceedingly young piglets (One still have the umbilical cord attached). This is itself is animal cruelty but also serves to further the idea that house trainable micro pigs exist ... so I have blogged about why this is not true

Micro Pigs do not exist

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Not sure how they started off, but am told that someone accidentally bred from a runt and off it went. It is not the prospect of having pigs in a house but the feeding of food which has probably been in a kitchen. But if you must then go ahead wreck the house, its all play to a pig. What happens when they get big and too boisterous to handle by a novice-eat it is best! Pigs are herd animals and it is cruel to keep a pig without any of its own kind for company.
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