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Millionaires shortbread

So as some people will have seen from facebook I have been making Millionaires shortbread this is the recipe

Shortbread (this goes in a 8x10" tin, you need to make sure you have enough depth for the caramel and chocolate)

250g Butter
340g Plain Flour
120g caster sugar

Beat together untill forms a dough. Press into bottom of tin

Give 15 minutes on 170 then reduce temp to 150 and give another 25 to 35 minutes till golden

When it has cooled down start making the caramel

250g butter
125g caster sugar
4 tbsps golden syrup
1 tin of condensed milk (397g)

Melt the butter and sugar and heat until the sugar is dissolved
Add the syrup and stir
Add the condensed milk
Bring to the boil and stir regularly
Boil for 6 to 7 minutes till the mix turns golden

Pour over the shortbread and leave to set (fridge is a good idea)

Be careful for the caramel, if you don't let the sugar dissolve properly or if you over heat you might make it grainy

Melt chocolate (I used 450g) to cover
wellington womble

Thank you. I have added condensed milk to the shopping list (had to make do with lemon cake!)

Lemon cake is tasty

I also made lime cupcakes with lime curd filling

are you sure about those centimetres?

are you sure about those centimetres?

Well spotted, I think "inches" might work better ! Cool

in the data base for ever now.

are you sure about those centimetres?

Heck. Should they be inches?

are you sure about those centimetres?

Heck. Should they be inches?

They should indeed be inches

The original recipe called for 23 cms but it produced too much caramel for the shortbread so I scale up the shortbread

Then I used a tin which has dividers at the inch marks so I got my units confused
wellington womble

I behave the silver wood tin too, and I never realised it had the notches at the inch marks! I suppose it makes sense, it just never occurred to me before. Jamanda

Edited so it won't confuse posterity.
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