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mincer /sausage tool

im looking for a basic machine of some sort .
shops pah.
my mate phoned a friend , his at work cost £28000 and talks to you Shocked
so where do i get a the tool for the job ?

You've only recently missed out for this year at Lidl's. £30 and 3 year guarantee.

A used kenwood Chef & the (appropriate) attachment are probably next on the price and value scale. The stuffer tubes are kinda rare for the old ones, and they need you to remince while stuffing (no open support for the screw shaft, so you gotta use a mincer plate). Note that the current mincer attachment *does* have an open support for stuffing, but only fits newish machines.
Generally small screw feed mincers aren't fun as stuffers. Fiddly, 3 hands needed so stop/start, smeared texture and sausages with air...
But they are fine for mincing good trimmed meat, chopped small enough to fit. Thankfully they aren't much good with pigskin, gristle, etc.
Friendly butchers will happily mince your choice of their meat.

Argos and others will sell you machines that seem awfully similar to Lidl's one for £70 or so...

A piston stuffer is said to be much easier to use. (I am weakening fast.) But they cost over £50. (£45 + vat at Northern Tool). The "all stainless" (rather than some metal being plated steel) version is £70 from Franco.
Both of these have plastic stuffing tubes (which aren't as slippy as stainless tubes). It seems products identical to these two are sold at a great variety of higher prices... Rolling Eyes

IMHO hand mincers are for masochists, and piston stuffers lacking gears would substitute for weight training. These things tend to show up frequently second hand. Good kit doesn't. Funny that.

second argos ref .ta
every corner shop shou Laughing d stock such things

dpack wrote:
second argos ref .ta

But you really would be **much** better off with an ancient Kenwood to mince and mix, and a proper stuffer. Should cost barely more than the Argos (A W-T ???) offering.
And Kenwoods have other uses. An Argos mincer doesn't. {Well, not that I know of Very Happy }

Avoid the argos one - it's an Anthony Worral thompson branded one and is overpriced at £70. It's only got a 500w motor and is in all respects equivalent to the Lidl one for half the price.

If you can afford it Franco does one for about £70 but is out of stock and you can get one of ebay from Sausagemaker-uk for £68 inc postage some freebies and a £5 voucher off further sausage supplies. Both are 1000w motors and a bit more robust.

We've got an ancient kenwood chef and appropriate attacments, think the mincer cost me a quid, the sausage nozzles a fiver, and the kenwood fourty or so (plus postage, from ebay). The kenwood chef (a bright orange 900 series) is a beast, its excellent for mincing, and the sausage adapter does its job well.

Behemoth wrote:

If you can afford it Franco does one for about £70 but is out of stock and you can get one of ebay from Sausagemaker-uk for £68 inc postage some freebies and a £5 voucher off further sausage supplies. Both are 1000w motors and a bit more robust.

This is the one I have and it is really very good - Its going to get some abuse tonight as I attempt to make vast quantities of sausages from the pig we picked up from Rob at the weekend Very Happy

I use a hand mincer- Porkert no5. Thatís the chrome plated iron mincer your grandma used to mince the left-over Sunday roast with. You can normally pick them up for nothing at car-boots or Charity shops.
I pre-grind using a normal Kenwood food processor, before passing it through the mincer. Then I take the mincer blade off and attach the stuffing tubes. You can buy stuffing tubes for the Porkert no5 for £5 from
This changes your mincer into a sausage maker.
They also sell the skins. I love this way of doing it, because its cheap, simple and nothing can really go wrong. Iíd imagine itís a lot slower than the big expensive machines and you need two people to make sausages this way. But if you just want enough for occasional household needs, we find its great (and quite fun unless you get your finger stuck in the mincer!)

Behemoth wrote:

I have one of this which I was using to mince up enough meat to make 100kg of sausages @ 75% meat content. It does the job but has three down sides for large amounts.

1, you need to cut the meat small
2, Its slow
3, It gets hot after long useage

If you are doing small amounts or dont care if it take ages then it will be fine. If I remember right it took nearly 3 hours to mince the 75kg on a medium plate. The extra time taken to cut the meat up small compared to a large mincer would be in the region of 1 hour. It now takes me about 20 mins to mince the same amount with a big ex butchers shop mincer. I have not used it to fill the skins as I have a large cast stuffer (same one that you see HFW using in the garden)


I'd agree with Justme's opinion. Works fine for the hobbyist and occasional sausage maker but if you were doing more than a pig every now and then I'd consider something more professional, but for a domestic setting it's a handy bit of kit. Easy to use and easy to clean.
wellington womble

Personally, I'd get the butcher to do your mincing for you - it isn't the mincing, but the chopping that get's awfully tedious - especially when you know you've got the sausaging still to do!

My KM001 didn't complain about mincing 18 kilos of sausagemeat last week (and then sausaging it) but it would have been a lot easier if it had mostly been minced first. Obviously there are always going to be bits and pieces leftover to mince, but I reckon get the butcher to do the bulk of it for you in HIS expensive industrial mincers! The you can hand crank or kenwood your sausages, and any leftover bits. It is a two man job, but the whole thing is quite a nice job with friends, and worth doing collectively.

If you insist on doing your own mincing, you'll be OK with a kenwood if you're doing half a pig several times a year, as long as you have a friend to do it with. If you're doing two or more pigs at a time, and really want to do your own mincing, I'd get something bigger, but reckon you still need a friend, or perhaps a friend with another kenwood.....

I have no complaints about the kenwood at all - having used a hand mincer in the past it was a vast improvement, and will be more than adequate for my heavy domestic needs. Even if I were going semi-professional on the sausage-front, I reckon it would be fine, given a friend and a friendly butcher.

I would do but Rob and his butcher don't have the common decency to live around the corner and I didn't fancy driving 10kg of mince around Yorkshire on a warm, late summers day. Wink Very Happy
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