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Mini Belle Cement Mixer

Hi - I have an elderly petrol driven (Honda GXH50 engine) Mini Belle Cement Mixer. The engine runs just fine and the drum rotates as expected when not loaded but as soon as I put even a very small amount of sand in the drum it stops turning. The drive belt looks fine (maybe a bit slack?) as do the small and large pulley wheels.Any suggestions as to the most likely cause of this would be most welcome.

No real idea. Welcome aboard though. Drive belt slipping or one or other of the pulley wheels seems most likely.

Does the motor stop turning, or just the drum?
If just the drum, then is probably a slipping belt, but if it all stops then I'd guess the motor is shafted.

A shaft and a belt?

Started to fit a new drive belt then all was revealed! As I took the original belt off it became clear that the nylon pulley wheel on the end of the engine crankshaft was just 'flopping' around. When I took this of - the oblong 'key' was badly damaged as was the keyway on the crankshaft. So need a new pulley wheel kit, a new crankshaft and presumably a set of gaskets for when I put the engine back together. Not a lot of money and worth doing but nowhere near the top of my wife's long long list of things that need doing! Ha Ha!
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