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mint in tubs

i just looked at mine which seem very healthy

when i re pot a mint i use a deep container and cut a plastic bottle ,one that is about half the diameter of the pot,to about a third of the depth.
when this is in the pot it provides a water reservoir of saturated soil in the base of the pot.some roots will grow into it ,some around it.

it reduces the chances of dehydration which is a common cause of mints failing to thrive.

That is a very good idea.
I thought mint could tolerate drought like conditions, or neglect quite well though?

Mint is a survivor when it is in an open garden situation: I started with a small patch and it took over now I know your secret, dpack, I will give it a go. As The pot full I grew to replace the patch didn't cope at all in spite of regular watering, so I probably wasn't giving it enough, so thankyou for the tip.

some need more water, some more light,some more shade, some are tough some are very microclimate specific.
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