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mister rat...

i hope you are a mister rat cos a ms rat will get rather messy

you seem to be immune to pepper spray in your home

you seem to think my idea of trap is a feeding station

you can lick peanut butter ,nutella or chocolate cake from a trap in a very professional manner and even left me a feather as a thankyou

you are quite comfortable pottering about in daylight

you check the alley by peeking under the gate to check there are no pussycats or other unpleasant folk before you go for your afternoon walk

you seem to have a very highly developed set of internal martial arts skills especially in relation to detecting threats

do you know i have a laser red dot for close range work?
do you know i have other traps?
do you know i can get very nasty with chemical warfare ?

i am almost willing to make friends with you
i might find you rather fun as a chum
i might respect your skills

if you have "borrowed "a smart phone are you reading this?
if you are would you like to be a comrade ?

depending on your attitude we could be chums or i will kill you Laughing

He's really got to you hasn't he Deepers? Laughing Laughing Laughing

maybe Laughing Laughing Laughing

and you have acquired a very cute friend with white paws and a cheeky manner.

oh dear .

oh dear.

yesterday the next door neighbor demolished her very shabby shed(or the ancestral home as it's real owners thought of it)

after some squeeling ,mostly human,the shed was down and broken up.

last night there was something nasty in my wood shed


What are you gonna do?

i think i should watch caddyshack before i make any rash decisions Laughing

the incidental firewood jenga while i sorted the compost was a little tense.

perhaps for more for others than for me


i recon a small bin bag box would be a very good idea or a lot more owls and jrt's.
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