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Modified/stepped sine wave to pure sine wave converter?

I've had a bit of a search but can't find anything obvious. Is there such a device that would take a modified sine wave from a cheap generator and turn it into a pure sine wave output suitable for modern PCs, LCDs etc? If there is is there a particular name or set of terms I should search for?

Why do you think gennies make square wave electric?

Square wave is made by cheap electronic inverters that chop the voltage / hertz.

You might have heard about pure sine wave gennies, they are inverter ones.

Grid elec is made by a genny (ok a big one).

(simplified explanation)
Small genies make bad sine wave. It tends to be a rough curve with jagged edges due to the RPM instability (that affects the hertz & voltage) & that they have two windings so there is some gap. Better ones have 4 windings. Big ones have more.

You need one with an AVR which regulates the voltage to a stable level.

Bigger engines are less affected by load so have more stable hertz.

You can get inverter gennies that make high volt /hertz elec that is then inverted to a stable grid type. They alter the RPM to match the load & let the inverter sort the volts & hertz. Even small ones make good elec.

The ones that produce pure sine wave do cost more. I assume most stuff run off a genie doesn't need pure sine wave?

Anyway, if I could get hold of a cheap non-sine wave gennie I wondered if there's a way to smooth out it's output?

Well you could charge a battery & then use a pure sine inverter Wink

To be honest as long as you are not going to over load the genny & its not a cheap 500-800 watt one a computer should work fine on it.

If your load is really small then part loading the genny can stabilise the output.

As far as I know there is no way to clean up the output.
Graham Hyde

The best way to produce a spike free, smooth sine wave is through a battery......

I had also concluded a battery and inverted set-up would work, I just wanted to confirm I'd not missed anything thanks.
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