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Monsterous Marrow

Due to a labeling malfunction the cucumbers in the poly tunnel turned out to be trailing light green with stripes marrows. They are now spreading in a triffid like way which I can cope with. My question is, do I leave the fruit to keep on growing to full size so it ripens for storage or do I stop it now whilst it is only the size of a single decker london bus? If it was a proper winter squash I would normally leave it but I haven't actually grown trailing marrows before. I already have courgettes coming out of my ears so I don't want to eat them small.
Jam Lady

Take them now before they knock over the poly tunnel. Then you can

Cut in half lengthwise, scoop out seedy center portion, stuff, then bake.

Chop small and use fresh - in soup, make "zucchini" bread, etc Or freeze in 2 cup portions for winter use.

Make pickles

Purchase a spiralizer (or whatever they might call it where you are), a device that turns the squash into long thin curly strings. Cook and dress with a pasta sauce.

for huge ones eat most smallish and leave one or two per plant Wink

huge are best for stuffing and wee ones are nice as pickles or soup.
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