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MOO2EWE - Lisa Lombardi

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right heading for my post to come under but I recognise many of the user names that helped me with a huge problem a while back.

Some of you may remember, I bought smallholding equipment from an on-line site called moo2ewe run by Lisa Lombardi and she defrauded me out of over 400.....Lombardi solicitor made admin move the original post I think, which was a shame as it had many pages of posts and sound advise.

Well good news, today, after 3 years, she's finally been found guilty, Lincolnshire Crown Court passed a guilty verdict - a prison sentence (suspended) and Community Service also an order to refund all victims!! Non compliance will mean straight to jail..... Very Happy

So, a huge THANK YOU to all, without your initial advise and support to me and to the other victims, who came forward after I posted on here 3 years back, we got justice Very Happy

She's now selling on face book:-
Drovers Run Native Breed Meat Boxes
In the RAW Fleeces

If she defrauds again, hopefully she will be reported quickly to Lincolnshire Police force or Crime Stoppers.

Many thanks to you all, again xx

good,i hope you get refunded soon.

MOO2EWE - Lisa Lombardi

Thank you dpack, it's been a long time coming!!

Good news Kellyn! Well done for staying the course.

Good news Kellyn! Well done for staying the course.

Thank you so much - couldn't have done it without the support and advise from you guys Smile

I remember this, glad you got a good result Smile

What he said. It's not half dragged on.

Thanks Guys - took some time but we got there in the end!!

I just remember feeling so isolated about it all till I posted on here, the advise was amazingly sound, pointed me in the right direction and gave me the motivation I needed to see it through to the end Smile

Really pleased for you, Kellyn. Does she have any 'not to leave the country orders'? I seem to remember she was also playing games on other forums. I have to say I am amazed she is allowed to trade; I would have thought a bit of graft would have done her some good-gainful employment it is called.
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