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more duck questions

I have a duck question.
My Ducks have just started laying, yay! they currently live in the shed with all the other poultry.
i have a small house i would like them to sit in, (in my ideal world).
so far i have taken the eggs out as the chooks are sharing the nest boxes.
what would you do? Mick is protective of the girls but should they be seperated if she sits on the eggs?
i know if i open up the small house the nosiest chickens in the world will immediatly go in and cr** all over it.
or should i put the eggs back and leave her to get on with it in general population?
please let me know oh wise ones!!! Wink Very Happy

I am not wise in the ways of ducks. However, I have really annoyed Mrs Muscovy in to leaving a) her eggs and b) her ducklings on separate occasions. It seems that once she decides where she's going to sit, that's it, you can't shift her without major trauma and bruising. Can you pen them in a pen with the little house?

. Can you pen them in a pen with the little house?

I could but would himself need to come along too? I only have 2 girls so he would be very lonely or the girl on her own would.
the small pen is in the field with the menagerie and fenced off.

Its times like this i feel a bit lost. Embarassed
i am hopelessly niave and sort of think they will want to do what comes naturallly and all will be alright. ducklings abound paddling around to the delight of the children followed by something yummy to eat when the time arrives.

with the luck i have had with chickens multiplying i will have an egg glut and no meat...
well except for the cute bunnies it breaks my heart to think too much about! Rolling Eyes
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