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Jam Lady

More Venison

The fellow who hunts our property got another deer this morning, a plump 2 to 3 year old doe. My freezer is getting crowded - what a terrible fate.

The other weekend I did a nice 9 pound haunch of venison. Braised with carrots, parsnips, and leeks. Made parsley spatzle to go with it, sour cherry coulis on the side. Very yummy.

Why buy ranched venison shipped in from New Zealand when there's all this local free-range venison running through the backyard?

And as an aside - on my way to and from The Cloisters in New York City yesterday I must have seen better than six deer dead along the highway. Better the hunters than smashed by a vehicle.

smoked jerky is a nice thing to make when the freezer gets full

ps the neck sinews make very good thread
stumbling goat

Ia anyone here selling Venison, sausages or burgers or joints?

My usual source still is not processing Deer.


What there is diced or minced.
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