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wellington womble

Morello cherries preserved in syrup

Bought some a couple of years ago Lidk. I think it was part of their Italian Week thingy. I've never found anymore. Last year I found some on Amazon, but I can't find any at all now.

Long term, I'll plant one (supposedly, I have one but it doesn't fruit. It is a bit neglected) but any ideas where I might get some in the meantime? The Black Forest Yule Log I made has been requested. Fresh would do equally well.

Money no object? A version is sold near here at the Somerset Cider Brandy shop at Burrow Hill.

'Morello cherries and
Somerset Apple Eau De Vie
50cl. (20%) - 14.50

Somerset Cider Brandy Company own brand. A rich, fragrant liquid and whole cherries with a hint of almonds and the dryness which makes the morello so attractive. Fun to drink after dinner or to serve with ice cream.

Awarded Gold Medal in Taste of the West Food Awards.'

Or usually much, much cheaper, Morellos in syrup used to be easy to find in Eastern European shops
Jam Lady

Short term, you could substitute sour cherries in syrup.

"Morello is actually a group of Sour Cherries. The Morello group has fruit that is so dark-skinned it is almost a mahogany red, with dark red flesh and dark juice inside. This contrasts with the other group of Sour Cherries, Amarelle, which have paler skin covering flesh that is not red and give off a juice that is almost clear. Morellos are slighter tarter than Amarelle."
wellington womble

I can't find anything, except Marachinos for cocktails.

Except one of two very expensive one in kirsch. I'd rather not have kirsch, because the children don't like it and I'd need to make two desserts.

Lidl here has them in.
wellington womble

Really? I'll have to trek over and have a look. Be flipping typical if they were there all along...

Sour cherries in syrup. A lady in front of me was buying two jars.

They are in the baking section with the flour, sugar, dried fruit, etc.
wellington womble

They were indeed. I bought ten. Black Forest gateaux is on the menu for Christmas. Thank you all.

(Also, I made black cherry brownies this weekend. They were very yummy)
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