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After months of cold we've now got some milder and wetter weather. I've heard one report of St George's mushrooms. Please post if and vaguely where you find any morels. Keen to look but useful to know they are about.



Beware of Loose Morels, they can give you the runs. Rolling Eyes

they've already had morels [m.elata] iat Dinnington ,South Yorks,this year on 28th March,its on Wild About Britain website ,fungi forum ,page 2 ,post oh no by jim

raw morels will either give you bad tummy runs or put you in hospital,they are TOXIC raw.

I found my first morels of the year today, just a handful found in some wood chippings outside a new building. There are lots more areas of new wood chippings nearby so hopefully there will be some more morels soon.

After finding the morels I went for a walk around some areas that St georges grow but found nothing. Instead I came back with some Jew's ears and some wild garlic.

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