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mouse behavior, cargo cult ?

for a while i have been hosting sammy mouse and family in the woodshed.

the last 4 times i have provided a container of seeds etc they have taken the food and filled the container ( bag or coffee tin ) with sticks and bits of bark.

is this a developing cargo cult or is it normal long tailed behaviour to fill a food source with sticks and bark?

Rolling Eyes Laughing Cool Question

They're just paying their grocery bill.

Maybe they're hoping you won't notice the swap out?

it could be either

i cannot see an advantage to collecting food and then filling the place it came from, in terms of concealing a resource cover it between shifts makes sense but the last one is a full on stuffing of an empty can Shocked

paying the bill or concealing the "theft" both make sense,sort of Laughing

as it worked first time with just a few sticks perhaps they are now going for the full stuffing in the hope of full cans? it seems a bit complex for mouse culture but it is a simple explanation of the observation.

they have me a bit confused but very likely to give more food to see what happens so it is working out ok for them Laughing

Multiple containers of varying sizes? Maybe you can get them to sort their returns for you.

I picture you doing something like this by the end of the month:

praps not Laughing

i might wire em for video though
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