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Moving my bees!

Today we will be moving my bees from my bee buddies apiery,to the orchard at Dillington House.
From then on its all up to me! Very Happy Very Happy
Mistress Rose

Hope the move goes well, and that you get on well with them. At least you have someone on the end of a phone if you get confused. Remember bees don't read the books, or if they do, it is only to work out how to confuse us mere mortals. Laughing

Once you and the bees have got to know each other, you should be fine. Good luck.

I'll have to come down with my suit one day and say Hi Smile

Bees moved safely.Luckily,they didn`t like the rain,so stayed in.
I`ll leave them to it for a week now,before I open the hive.
There is lots of lavander at the allotments,so that will keep them happy. Very Happy Very Happy
Mistress Rose

Glad it went well. They should like the lavender. Strangely we saw some last Saturday, before the rain, with only bumble bees on, so it must have had the nectar only down a long way.
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