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wellington womble

Moving soft fruit

I need to move some fruit bushes, mainly blackcurrants. Anything I should know? Should I prune them right back? Also, can I take some cuttings and leave them in the greenhouse for insurance?

black currant roots really well ,greenhouse ok but so is just pushing cuttings into the soil.

re moving them a prune wont harm but you don't need to be too ruthless. it will knock next years crop a bit but they will probably survive and thrive .

I think I trimmed mine* down to fit in old feed sacks, and it has been fine. If it's got any dead twiggy bits or branches in the wrong place take those off too Smile

*whitecurrant, gooseberries, raspberries, wineberry, loganberry, worcesterberry ( or jostaberry? I forget). Gojis are pretty indestructible but seem to fruit on old wood.

I tend to chuck currant prunings in a bucket of water. Usually half or more survive and put out roots...

Generally when moving plants, I think it's best to give them a prune.
wellington womble

I'm glad they're tough. They've been living wild for about five years, so pruning is definitely called for!

A handful of raisins will sometimes suffice if you have no prunes...
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